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Crystals For Empaths
Available At  InSpirit Centre

Crystals are extremely popular for many different reasons. Of course their is their colourful beauty that draws many in. But also its their unique spiritual meanings that have really transported them into the lime light. 

Each crystal is associated with different meanings, so they work as an excellent complementary tool to whatever else you are doing to improve your life. For example, in the case of Rose Quartz, its associated with unconditional love and kindness. So when you where it or hold it, it reminds you to focus your thoughts and actions towards loving kindness. It also helps you to notice when others are acting in a loving kind way towards you too.

Howlite is associated with calming energy. It helps remind you to slow down, quiet your mind and take deeper breaths.

Crystals are an excellent aid for empaths who typically experience energy more intensely than others. 

We recommend keeping them where you can see them, or touch them regularly. Alot of people like to keep them in their pocket or bra, while others enjoy having them as a jewelry piece or displayed around the house. 

At InSpirit Centre we carry a wide variety of tumbled stones to help you on your journey.

Please check out our blog for more interesting articles about crystals. 

Crystals are like potato chips InSpirit

Want to learn more about crystals? We are pleased to share FREE definitions on a wide variety of crystals. What's your favourite?

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Whether you are just getting started on your journey, or your looking for something new and special for your collection; InSpirit Centre offers a wide collection. Don't see what you like online? Give us a call, we have lots more in the shop.

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