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The scent of pumpkin spice floating in the breeze can only mean one thing....fall has arrived! 

We at InSpirit Centre have been busy working and branching out the last few months. We are excited to share that our rooms upstairs have had a beautiful facelift making them even more calm and enjoyable for you. 

We've also had the chance to participate in Mystic Markets and Pagan Pride Days around the GTA, and we hope to do more. 

Most excitedly is our return to in-person sessions for readings, reiki, crystal healing, meditation and workshops. If there is something you would like to see us offer, please give us a call or send an email anytime to

We also invite you to join us online. We have 3  FB  groups you can join: Paranormal Enthusiasts of Ontario, Groovy Goddess Gathering, and Tarot & Oracle Studies.

You can also check out our videos on our YouTube channel as well.

Thank you for your continued support. 


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A Common Question: 3 Empaths Share Their Views
By Terri Portelli, Christine Ford,
Christine Wile

We think being an empath is pretty cool...but not easy.

It’s like a crash course in learning to manage your emotions and by that, we mean emotions that are A) yours AND B) not yours.

Here is one of the questions we’ve been asked...

black cat by dzmitry dudov on unsplash.jpg

Black Cat Rescue Candles Are Back!
By Christine Ford

Autumn is here. The season grows darker. Halloween approaches with themes of pumpkins, witch’s hats, and black cats. But did you know that black cats are among the hardest to adopt? They are often feared, abandoned, and even maimed or killed due to superstition just because of the colour of their fur!...

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How To Identify Fake Malachite
By Barbara Ford

Nothing captures the heart like a beautiful piece of malachite, with its vibrant shades of greens....and nothing will break your heart like discovering your beloved piece is nothing more than a hunk of plastic....

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Take A Walk on the Spooky Side with the Ghostbusters of Georgetown
Brampton Guardian

A man walks in, his shoulders are slumped, dark circles under his eyes. He stands for a moment, takes a jittery breath and walks up to the counter. He quickly gives a furtive glance to the left and right to be sure no one is listening. He leans in, and quietly whispers “um…can I tell you something strange?”

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Paranormal Expert & Psychic Barbara Ford Offers “Spiritual House Clearings”
Real Estate Magazine

Who you gonna call for help with that house that’s lingering on the market?

Ghostbusters, of course.

Okay, admittedly Barbara Ford doesn’t actually go by that label. But if the supernatural shoe fits, well…

flashlight paranormal investigations inspirit centre barbara ford.jpg

6 Things To Know About  Being A Paranormal Investigator
By Barbara Ford

There is no other time of year when ghosts & hauntings are more popular than in October. With the veil thinning, and Halloween around the corner it’s the talk of the town. Some people are happy just to watch shows or talk with a medium. Ah, but for you, my more intrepid friends, you may hear the call and dream of going out to experience otherworldly encounters yourself.

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